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Here is his full article about the discoveries by Charlie Teague about the American Hall of Records and how it relates to what he calls the Missouri Mystery Mound (MMM).

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Missouri Mystery Mound (MMM) 02: Aerial details


The beginning of my search for an ancient mound in the backwoods of Middle America began quite innocently several years ago while listening to the late night talk show with Art Bell. Since that time, I have been trying to ascertain if my quest was going to lead me to ancient caves and a trove of lost artifacts.

Even today I'm not sure what it is I have found and what its significance is. What first piqued my interest was the interview with an Indian shaman and mystic who was on a life quest to find and explore ancient sites in North America. His goal was to map these ancient sites and use this knowledge to protect them and also to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness.

He began the show speaking about an ancient site located in Middle America that he said was one of the ancient Halls of Records. This was a depository of artifacts from many ancient cultures around the world. He talked about going to this site and taking away artifacts for some special purpose. I was totally blown away by this revelation.

Because I lived in Memphis, TN and was aware of many ancient archeological sites along the Mississippi River, I surmised that if there were such a place, it must be located somewhere in the same geographic area. The Indian mounds of lower Ohio and Illinois, the Serpent Mound in Ohio, the pyramid outside St. Louis, MO and many other sites too numerous to mention, all of these places are located near the Mississippi River or its tributaries.

But where does one go to get information to start such a search? Having no expertise in archaeology, little experience in hiking, tracking, or mapping, I knew I had to use another method. The first thing I tried to do was contact the Indian shaman and his partner. Neither one could be found. Of course I didn't expect him to tell me where the Hall of Records was but, if he could see that I meant no harm to him and his friends and only wanted to join the quest and share the mystery, then I was sure if he would help me as much as he could.

At this point I decided that there was no use in pursuing this search any longer.


Now we shall venture into an area most people would not accept as a legitimate science. This is the world of Reverse Speech. I have been an advocate of this strange and exciting science for several years after hearing about it on the Art Bell show. The technology was discovered and developed by David John Oates, a true originator. I immediately ordered the correspondence course and later took the follow-up course as well. While not certified as a Reverse Speech Therapist, I have developed a degree of efficiency in interpreting reversals.

Reverse Speech, in a nutshell, is the process whereby you record and play a person's conversation in reverse, listening to the reverse speech patterns. What you hear is the unconscious mind speaking. It comes out in short phrases every 10-20 seconds. They reveal what the unconscious mind is processing. You don't actually hear the person's thoughts but hear the motivational processes behind the unconscious thoughts.

What is revealed is what is kept secret from the world and the individual? Who we are and what we think, feel and do is controlled by the unconscious mind. It speaks the truth and does not lie. This concept is a very frightening thing for people to accept or even to get their mind around. Most people fear what they don't understand and sometimes with good reason. The truth can set you free, but it also can scare the hell out of you. I won't go into the mechanics that are involved but state that you receive snippets of the unconscious mind that reveal the truth.

Well, I thought why not apply Reverse Speech and see if my Indian friend would reveal to me clues to the whereabouts of this ancient mound. Little did I know where this search would lead me and the fun I would have in the process. Clues! Getting clues to the location of this site was my goal, and also could I find out where the site was, how to get there and explore it. What could the reversals tell me and how could I plot a course of action? This was the center of my focus over the next few months.

Normally you could decipher a two hour tape in several days, but I wanted to make sure I missed no clues. So with this in mind I carefully went through the tape time and time again. I reasoned if this was a valid and reliable technology then my Indian friend would provide hints to its location. The only information the Indian shaman provided was that the site was located in Middle America. Well, that was a big help!


What I found was a wonderful revelation that has led to seven forays into the backwoods of America. Now I will reveal for the first time some of the clues that were revealed to me. I would like to first state that I will not reveal the location of the site for obvious reasons but, the clues have not been changed or altered in any way. I was led to this site by a higher power and if fate or God leads you there, so be it. Here now are a group of reversals that are interesting as well as revelatory. Many are metaphoric in nature with several interpretations.

Reversal ®

® 1. "Maps yield it"
This told me that the location could be found on a map. Whether it was a general map or a personal map, I wasn't sure.

MMM 06: Cryptic Coat of Arms of Colonel George Morgan

® 2. "Seize the fault in America"
I surmise that the site was along a fault line.

® 3. "Missouri, you fear it"
This confirmed it was located along the New Madrid fault in Missouri.

® 4. "You seize the fault in it"
Find the fault and seize your goal.

Now I would like to turn your attention to a group of metaphoric reversals that reveal a mystery and a promise.

® 5. "The owl sitting in the shaft"
Owl means knowledge.

® 6. "My ark, sit by Bael"
Possibly religious and pagan treasures.

® 7. "Ark, the missing share"

® 8. "Be ark, here benefit, he open it"

® 9. "Me and my bow and that Ozarks. There where found it"
The site was found in the Ozarks.

All of these reversals suggest some sort of storage of records located somewhere in the Ozarks. Now I realized that the location was somewhere in the Missouri Ozarks along the New Madrid fault.

Now these reversals note key characteristics of the site itself:

® 10. "Mill"
Denoting mines of ore and minerals.

® 11. "Rock, there it's hiddeth"
The Hall of Records is under a rock or the entrance is.

® 12. "Mile de wet"
There is a mile of wet ground or water or swamp, possibly a ravine, canal or stream.

® 13. "You realize the igneous mountain shape"
I went to the dictionary to get a better definition of igneous - deposits of ore minerals with igneous rocks typically originating along volcanic arcs in zones of plate convergence (fault lines).

® 14. "Mill is lizard"
The location of the site has something to do with a lizard. This totally confused me. What did a lizard have to do with the Hall of Records?

® 15. "Moss make gather"
"We all soily and knows it"
"See bury gift"
"The wig go wet"
"Moss may gather"
this group of reversals reveals that the location of the site is covered in moss, lots of soil and wet ground. So to see the buried gift one must get wet and dirty. One must go down a "shaft" to reach the Hall of Records.

® 16. "Alsup dug the site"
Who is Alsup? Has an Egyptian ring to it.
® 17. "How to get to old Missouri"
"the grid ox-bow"
"they reached down below the roots"
"heal the mirror doll"
"hid the palace"
The site is on the oxbow grid map. You have to go underground past the Reflective Statute and then you find the palace or ancient temple.

® 18. "Cedar up and near the box sitting off head"
There is a cedar tree near the entrance to the tunnel sitting off to the side of the head.
What head? The head of the mound.
® 19. "see lunus - the arch that gives to the cactus"
Apparently they approached the entrance went under an arch that is sided by a cactus? Image of a cactus? See the light of the moon?

® 20. "the monkey hurt ya"
Monkey? What's going on here? Monkeys in the Ozarks?

® 21. "walk hornets"
"needers bend on the belt lay"
Possibly hornets in the woods. Some sort of bend on a belt, like a beltway.

® 22. 'see elk foot"
"greasy horse head"
More clues.

® 23. "the east dude's secret hall"
I know exactly what this means.

® 24. "it's in swamp"
It certainly is in a swamp.

Now here is a group of very strange reversals:

® 25. "he charm the bark in it"
"a sea in the hornets"
"they must do right"
"sit down, see luna"
"the alps peaking in the woods"
"moss lay over the shaft"
"the knoll dubs a girth slope"
Moss lays over the entrance and there is a wall running round the slope of the mound.

® 26. There is a lion reversal but I will not reveal it.

Interesting Note: The Mormons believe that Missouri was possibly the original Garden of Eden. The revelation given to them was to go to the land of Missouri where the Lord would reveal the Center Place of Zion. The final temple of the Mormons will be built on this site in Missouri. The site has not been finally selected yet but several places are being considered.



Having grown up near Memphis and near the banks of the Mississippi River, I was well aware of the sacred Indian mounds. Could these mounds hold a clue to the mystery of the Hall of Records? I decided to find out. I studied the history of the mounds and found a fascinating story that would aid me in my search.

General Hernando Desoto in his quest for the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola had stopped here when he came upon the Mississippi River. While trying to get the uncooperative Indians to help him, he kidnapped the Chief's daughter. She was returned to her tribe but not till concessions were made. Was General Desoto given information to help him in his quest? You be the judge.

He built rafts to cross the river, but the hostile Indian tribes on the other side would not let him land there. So instead of traveling by land he forced the rafts upstream against the stiff and dangerous currents and landed at a bend in the river called Greasy Bend. (Note the reversal word Greasy.)

I suggest the reason for this was the many Indian mounds located there and information provided from the Indian nation. Today all the mounds have been plowed under by farmers, except for one that was spared because it was a cemetery. The site today is near he town of New Madrid, Missouri. It is quite beautiful and I felt a kinship with the past when I stood high on the mound's plateau and gazed off into the far distance.

I found no exact record of where Desoto went next other than the recorded record of going south to Hot Springs, Arkansas and suddenly turning back east traveling to the mounds near Earle, Arkansas. Unfortunately, Desoto caught yellow fever and died on the banks of the Mississippi River. I also suspect that he was going to head back north because of the information he had was in error.


Now I will reveal the tale of the "Peacemaker" and where it fits into this puzzle but first I want to tell of the other trip General Desoto made. Because of the information known to me by the Peacemaker's legacy, I was able to find historical records of where Desoto went when he left New Madrid, Missouri.

According to the records, he led his band to a certain area and then ascended to within a few miles of this site when for some inexplicable reason he veered east and then went south until he ended up around Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since he was traveling in a straight line and was nearing the site, what would have caused him to backtrack and then go in a southward direction? This was very strange indeed. I think he was either fought off by the Indians or was given incorrect directions to lead him astray. When I discovered this information, I was positive I was on the right track.


How did I finally find the site? Well, that's a whole another kettle of fish. From the clues I had deciphered before the Peacemaker revelations, I knew the general location within a 100 mile radius or so. Still this would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Wow! Talk about frustrating. I was temporarily stuck even though I knew the clues were there. I just didn't know how to decipher them.

Well, guess what? Providence reared its beautiful head. Are you getting the feeling yet that someone or something was leading me? Here the story starts to get unreal. My friend Eddie Middleton, UFO paranormal researcher and radio host occasionally brings speakers to Memphis. He told me that he was having a lecture featuring a noted expert on American ancient culture and mythology and asked me to attend. I said sure, can't wait to hear him. Little did I know he would provide the key to the mystery. We attended the lecture and heard all about the Peacemaker. There have been many peacemakers but he was speaking of one in particular. I make a note to find out everything I could about him.

I checked the library and came across a biography of the great man, a little known but important figure in our fight for independence from Great Britain. It was a fascinating read, and what I discovered would lead me on my first step in my incredible journey. Encoded in the book was information that would lead me to a certain area in southeastern Missouri. I was amazed to see how this information was encoded, and in a way awe struck at the ingenuity of the Peacemaker. Why he had left these clues and for what purpose I'm still not sure.

My next step was to go to the maps of the area and look for points of reference. This was very time consuming and tedious because there were many areas that fit the code and the area itself was so large and backward. Over the next few weeks I mapped many points but was no closer to finding the site. Finally I went back and reviewed my reversals looking for some additional clues.

I noticed that several clues could have been talking about towns. With this in mind I plotted several courses of towns that fit my map grid. Now I could proceed with caution as well as a little educated guessing. My next inspiration came from an unexpected source. While browsing through BookStar, I came across a magazine called "Ancient American." This intrigued me since I also was looking for an ancient American site.

There was an article by an archaeologist about an ancient grid code spread across America in the form of pentagrams. When I studied the pentagrams, I noticed some startling correlations between points in the grid and areas I was looking at. I immediately went to the University of Memphis Library and spent several days studying grid maps of the area. Viola! I not only found a match for my hypothetical site it was a perfect match to the grids and angles. One further note of interest, the site lies in the 33rd grid. If you are acquainted with esoteric lore, then you realize the significance of this.


MMM: Charlie Teague and Family

Now my next step was to talk my wife and daughter into journeying into the backwoods of Missouri to see what we could find. Neither of them expressed a great desire to do this but I convinced them it would be a grand adventure. It turned out to be a mini-nightmare. I'm not saying we didn't have fun, we did, but Murphy's Law was in full bloom.

We made reservations at a resort and loaded up the van and headed out. The temperature was near 100 degrees and our air conditioner was on the blink, so you can imagine that any hint of trouble would be magnified with the heat. That night I stood on the bank looking across the river in the direction where I hope to find that ancient mound and wondered what awaited me.

The resort manager told us that there were many people digging illegally for artifacts along the river bank.

Bright and early the next morning we took off and drove an hour to the woods that we suspected held the secrets. We were lost in the woods and couldn't make heads or tails of the map we had. We found a house and asked for directions. The owner asked us what we were looking for since there was nothing there but woods. We told him we were exploring the woods. We traveled down some dirt side roads but couldn't decide which way to go. Finally, I found a road that held promise and we traveled down it till it dead ended at a swamp.

MMM: Swamp and Al the Dog
Our German Shepard "Al" jumped right in the water and was having a ball cooling off. Meanwhile I looked across the swamp and decided we had to get to the other side to continue our search. Now we started hiking along the edge of the swamp and continued fighting through thick bushes, thorns and brambles in our quest to find a way across. After about 45 minutes, we came to a tree that had fallen across the swamp.

I was ready to crawl over and continue but protest was heard. My young daughter could not take the heat any longer and wanted to go back to the air-conditioned resort cabin. Did I mention it was close to 100 degrees and we were in a swamp. We decided to go back to the resort and try another time. Hardly Indiana Jones types, we decided the risk was too great in the heat. The next day we headed back to Memphis, but I was already planning my next trip.


MMM - Archeologist

A short time later I decided I might need a little more information to find the site so I called the archaeologist who had written the article for Ancient American Magazine. Well, imagine my surprise when he told me he was going to be in the area that weekend visiting with a Native American nation doing some research.

I made plans to meet him at the Indian village and my brother, Freddie, agreed to go with me. The village was in a remote area of the forest and we arrived late Saturday afternoon. We met the archaeologist and the Indian families.

That night we viewed many Indian artifacts and attended Indian ceremonies. We discovered that our paternal grandmother may have been a member of their family. When we told them our purpose they were very interested and two of the teenage boys wished to travel with us. We spent the night in the village.

The next day Freddie, the two teenagers, the archaeologist and myself set off in search of an ancient site. We followed the swamp till we reached the fallen tree and crossed over. The heat got to Freddie and he returned to the van. Next we walked through the woods where we found two undisturbed Indian graves and signs of a canal dug in the woods.

We found no mound but caught a ride with a farmer in a pickup truck that saved us hours of walking. On the way out of the woods the archaeologist pointed to a high hill and stated that's where we should look for a mound. I filed that fact for future reference. Although we didn't find anything major we knew we were getting closer to our goal. Plans for my next trip were already formulating in my brain.

One curious note was while were parked at the dead-end of a cul de sac miles from anywhere, camouflaged men in a large white pickup truck came by to check on us. Their questions and the fact they were carrying shotguns made us suspect that they had more than the usual interest in this part of the woods. You never know what people may be hiding in the backwoods of Middle America.

Several months later we put together another trip. This time Freddie, my son Stephen, and myself made plans to stay at the Indian village. We were happy to see them.


Scott, one of the village elders, had a computer and decided to download a picture of the area. When he received it we were pleased to see three mounds. We took off immediately for the mounds. It was late in the day when we finally reached the area, so we decided to check out the smallest one first. We marched across a wide open field and climbed to the top of the hill, exploring all the while. We found a deer stand and some interesting rocks but little else.

Disappointed but not discouraged, I thought about the trips I had made and wondered when I would find any clues that would draw me closer to my goal. The only thing we that found was a stone head of a tomahawk that Freddie had given to the archaeologist. Other than that zilch.

We decided for the next trip to made it there and back in one day so we didn't have time to pick up our Indian friends. Freddie, Larry, and myself went to check out one of the larger hills. We walked up the front of the hill where there were thick bushes, briars, and overgrown trees. There at the top we found a circular ditch maybe a hundred yards in circumference. It was very unusual to say the least. From the top we walked down the middle of the mound till we reached the bottom.

There we saw the most exquisite snake-shaped stone path. It was a dried-up stream that ended when it reached a deep crevice. It was like a magical walkway through the woods. The beautiful clearing of green trees and grass caused me to stop and admire God's handiwork.

Walking back south from here about fifty feet we found a circular depression some 30 feet round with a flat squared stone in the middle. What was this and what could it represent.
The most revealing discovery was that the whole area was covered in moss. It was everywhere, and cedar trees dotted the landscape. I was getting excited and wondered what we would find next. We searched but didn't find any entrances to any caves so we climbed down the slope into the ravine and headed back the direction we had come, all the while looking for anything that would catch our eye.

Well, the first thing I noticed was down the center of the ravine was a road or wall that extended as far as the eye could see. This reminded me of the reversal of a wall that ran in front of the Hall of Records. So far I was very gratified to have found many of the reversals coming to life before my very eyes. As we walked down the wall or road my brother exclaimed that there where cliffs extending out from the side of the hill. Well, we scurried up the sides of the slope as fast as out feet could carry us.

Man, we were having a ball! We found two small caves and a pathway between the cliffs.


Again Freddie made a discovery. He exclaimed " Hey! That rock sticking out from the side of the cliff looks like the head of a lizard or something." You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had not mentioned to either of them about my reversals regarding a lizard. I took out my trusty camera and took a series of pictures. We explored some more but by this time the sun was getting low on the horizon and I didn't relish the thought of being in the woods after dark. As we traveled down the wall I was sure I had found my mound and knew it would be only a matter of time before I found the entrance

Several months later we contacted the Native American Group and made arrangements to meet them for our next adventure. The Chief and the Medicine Man decided to come along and check the mound out for themselves.

We took them down the ravine wall and showed them the lizard head and the circle. They marveled at the stone head and did ceremonies in the circle. The snake-shaped path was now flowing with water and we took off our shoes and waded in it, having a wonderful time.

Next we took them down to the bottom of the mound where we discovered many holes with mounds of dirt piled beside them. The Chief told us he believed that these were ancient graves or they were holes dug by thieves trying to find artifacts. He pointed out the absence of any bone fragments in the area led him to believe the later was true.

Next we walked along the ravine wall heading back to our cars, but all the while looking and scanning the sides of the slopes for new clues or anything unusual.

About half way back I noted an overhang extending several hundred feet above us on the opposite slope. We rushed up, slipping and sliding all the way. What we found made the trip well worthwhile. In front of the overhang was a 10 foot high free standing rock with an unusual shape.

I then noticed to the rear a framed door in the side of the overhang and went over to investigate. Looking inside the cave I saw beautiful red colored rock covering the inner chamber Everyone came running and stumbling up the slope to check out this new find.

We found three caves in all, but the first cave was the largest. It had a framed door and window for ventilation of a fireplace that had been built inside the first chamber. There was a wall built inside the first room with a window looking into a circular room resembling a kiva.

Darkness again had come upon us as we were making new discoveries and we had to depart. On the way down the slope to the southern side I found a large flat stone some 8 ft by 6 ft that resembled a head of a helmeted warrior. It seemed to have slid down the slope and to have suffered some damage. I'll leave it to the reader to form their own opinion as to whether it is natural or not. Wow! That trip turned out to be a blast and after 5 trips into the backwoods I was finally making some progress.


On the next trip we explored the caves that turned out to be much smaller than we had hoped. However I did find and photograph something on the ceiling of one of the caves that has an appearance of a painting. We made fire in the fireplace and it vented through the cave window. Whoever built this place sure went to a lot of trouble because a hunter could stay at a lodge or cabin and be way more comfortable. Could this place have been used for another purpose altogether?

Well, by now we had pretty much explored one side of the mound and our next sojourn was a family outing. My wife, daughter, son, niece, and brother made a day's picnic to the backwoods.

While there I wanted to explore one small area that had caught my attention earlier. This small area was about 100 by 100 ft and it contained several small mounds. What I found was a rock shaped like the head of an alligator or lizard sticking out of the ground at a 45 degree angle. Near it was a flat rock with the imprint of an elk or deer embedded in it. Despite all my looking I came no nearer to finding the entrance to the HALL OF RECORDS.


Now a very curious aspect of this investigation will be revealed. The mound itself when seen from the air resembles the head of an animal. I know this seems unlikely but it's a fact…We couldn't reach a consensus on what kind of animal it was but further research has provided an entertaining alternative.

Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara have been doing some interesting research on the FACE ON MARS and have revealed that the FACE is half humanoid and half lion-like. This is known as an anthropomorphic representation. There are numerous examples of this kind of art found in many cultures around the world.

Because the mound appeared to be asymmetrical, I wondered if it might be a double image also. I took an image of it to a photo shop and had negatives made and reversed the images. Then I split the two images and recombined them. This created two separate images with the two halves of the one original image What we finally ended up with was a zooanthropomorphic representation.
We created the head of a lioness and the head of a baboon like creature. The almost funny part of this was the mosaic of Rorschach Images that also were created. I'll leave it to your imagination to interpret what these are and what they mean.

On one further note, the mound is over a quarter mile long and wide. This is an enormous enigma. As for now, I await further developments before I proceed to the next level. We must proceed carefully, but not tarry in our quest, because there are ominous signs on the horizon that behooves us locate this ANCIENT HALL OF RECORDS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!! .


If you notice in the original picture, there is a "bump" almost smack dab between the two "eyes" of the halves of the image. Using Photoshop, I cropped each half of the aerial view of the mound to include the bump.

When I flipped the duplicated side to place over the left side, I lined up each side so that the bumps overlay each other. I repeated the same process with the duplicated right side.

As I have never been to the location, I have no idea what the "bump" could be. But it does make me think of the Egyptian figures of animals with some kind of stone or object on their foreheads.


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